Sunday, October 10, 2010

Thank You from Linda Castleman

Good morning to all of you who follow the Fairmount blog. We wanted to send a warm thanks to Karen for her efforts in bringing creative dialogue and beautiful tasty dishes of inspiration for what might be found at your local farmers market on 19th and Agate.  Also to the folks from the Eugene City Bakery, Ned and DeeAnn, for their support and efforts in making it happen. It was great sharing the corner and good conversation with the dedicated growers of SLO Farm and Lonesome Whistle Farm, and we wanted to thank everyone in the community who bought our salmon and all those repeat customers who supported our first season of bringing our premium product to the market.  Please look for us next year. If folks want to order direct from Alaska during our summer season, you can find us on the web at The Salmon People of Alaska, or you can contact us locally at I hope to have our booth set up early next year.  

Hope to see all of you then, 
Linda Castleman

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