Sunday, August 29, 2010

Favorite Sunday Lunch: Smoked Salmon and Cucumber Sandwich

As the Fairmount Neighborhood Market has become a integral part of our Sundays, we've developed a favorite Sunday lunch: smoked salmon from the Salmon People on fresh Eugene City Bakery Bread (Multigrain or Pane Antico with pumpkin seeds are delicious).  This Sunday, The Lonesome Whistle Farm had some gorgeous golden cucumbers (a variety from India) and sweet cherry tomatoes.  These made the perfect accoutrements for our Sunday sandwiches.  

Linda Castleman from the Salmon People shared with me a bit about how she and her husband got into the salmon fishing business.  For my family, tricycling down the steep part 19th Street constitutes an adventure, so I am truly impressed to hear about her family's summers in Alaska.

From Linda Castleman:
My husband Mel and I lived and raised our children in Alaska for almost 20 years. We got involved in the fishing industry in the early 80's and purchased our own commercial salmon set net permits in 1989.  Every summer we would pack up the kids and and head to the Kenai peninsula live in our rustic fish camp on the edge of the Cook Inlet in our plywood shacks. we carried our water, and used propane for cooking. Our children grew up exploring the beach and spending evenings around the campfire.  Not a lot has changed. I feel our experience in Alaska and the fish site has been a wonderful and unique experience for our family and taught our children a strong work ethic, and life skills, and a love of adventure. Our son  and his wife continue to fish with us today. The Farmers Market on 19th and Agate is a new endeavor for us.  We wanted to offer our premium product locally at a price people could afford.  Since we are a small operation we can ice and bleed our fish, which makes for a fresher tasting product.  It then goes to the processor, is flash frozen into portioned fillets that are convenient to store in a freezer  or prepare.  We are offering it for $11.99 a pound and smoked at $13.99.  The response and feed back has been really great.  If folks want to place an order they can call 541-747-2748. Our season up north has just finish, I'll be at the market until we sell out. 

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